Like you, 91'360 entrepreneurs in Switzerland are currently looking for a successor.

1 out of 3 SMEs will statistically disappear because they have not given the necessary importance to the transfer of their company.

This means in concrete terms that the history that the entrepreneur has written for :

  • the economic life of the country
  • the local life
  • the life of the employees
  • the life of the customers
  • the life of his family
  • his business

will also come to a sudden end!

Every entrepreneur dreads the transfer of his business.

The worry that prevents him from letting go of the fruit of a lifetime is characterized by a permanent "ball in the stomach".

Fear, sadness and even anger lead to frustration and prevent him from acting prudently and accepting the best decision: to make room for his successor!

The survival rate of the transferred company will be 95%. All you have to do is change these thoughts and want the best solution for your company:

The VALO solution!

To facilitate this transfer, make a free valuation of your SME.

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Get the valuation of your company in 5 minutes.

Valo.ch is the only Swiss platform that allows you to know the value of your company online and for free.

Immediately after your Valo, you will be put in contact with trusted service providers carefully selected to meet your needs.

By making your Valo today, you will receive a free consultation from one of our providers (without obligation).

Only a few minutes to evaluate your company.

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What are the missions of Valo.ch?

To become an innovative solution for and to meet the needs of entrepreneurs.

Thanks to Valo, the lack of knowledge about the value of their business is no longer an obstacle.

And the taboo that surrounds this process is broken.

It is by noticing this problem that Valo.ch was created.

Our platform has the advantage of preserving all discretion since the entrepreneur obtains his Valo from his phone or computer without having to tell anyone.

He also accepts to be put in contact with advisors for free.

He will be able to ask his questions and start planning his needs, at this stage, without commitment.

In conclusion, Valo.ch aims to :

  • to identify the needs and objectives of the entrepreneur
  • to identify the problems not taken into account by the entrepreneur
  • to identify the solutions
  • select the service providers that will solve the problems and reach the contractor's objective.

Take action and choose the best solution for your business by starting your Valo now.

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